If you have a wood burner and would like access to free logs from sustainable sources within the National Forest, why not come along to Donisthorpe Woodland Park to see how joining Heartwood Community Woodfuel Group can help you.

The event will run between 10:00 and 14:00 on Sunday 15rh December 2019 during which time you can get a feel for how we work and what the benefits of joining us can be.

There is no need to bring any specialist equipment or tools, just come along in outdoor clothing and boots (bring your own gloves if you prefer) and wrap up warm if the weather is cold or wet.

We will be providing refreshments during the event, but please bring along a packed lunch or a few snacks for a break.

The work we do in the woods is voluntary, but as mentioned we are rewarded with a share of the logs we produce as a group. Remember if you want to take logs home from the event make sure your car boot has a sheet or cover to prevent getting your car dirty.

group behind wood

We can provide any further details you may require or answer any questions, but we would encourage you to come along if you have the slightest interest as there are benefits far beyond the logs you earn. Working in the woods to improve the environment, improving wildlife habitat, improving and evolving the woodlands, never mind all of the personal heath benefits and wellbeing. You can read all about the group in more details on the Why Woodfuelling page.

There is no commitment from you, we’re convinced you will enjoy the day and want to join us. If you do there is more details on joining us on the Membership page.

Learning to fell your first tree

The day will start at 10:00, so please arrive in good time so we can make a prompt start. We will be working in the woods at Donisthorpe Woodland Park (details below) which is a Leicestershire County Council Site. You will be working as members for the day so will be covered by our insurance and be guided by experienced and skilled members of the group. We’ll take a break around half way through the event and will finish by helping you load your hard earned logs into your car. We will aim to have everyone finished and away by 14:00, but we will remain on site for some time after this to answer any further questions.

Working with the Leicestershire County Council park ranger

Please note in the interest of safety children under 14 years will not be able to come along. Children between 14 and 18 must have a parent/guardian with them for the entire event

We would love to see you there to share in what we do. We are a growing group in a growing forest that needs our management to help it grow and mature.



Heartwood Community Woodfuel Group