What's going on?

The move to our new woodland base is now becoming a reality, pre-work has been done by members at the recent working parties and we have grand plans for the site, so please get involved, it's a site we can all have input to and a site we can all make use of.

The committee has continued to meet over the lock-down period by audio conference where we have had the usual heavy load of subjects to discuss. The July meeting focussed on our group strategy, with our organisational structure an important topic.

Training is up and running, with chainsaw refreshes taking place soon and the first aid training Helen has planned almost upon us.

It was sad that TIMBER didn't happen this year, the weather on the planned weekend wasn't the best, but the National Forest and Wild Rumpus have put a great deal of effort into keeping the festival alive this year and already have next year in hand.

As always don't hesitate to contact us regarding any aspect of the group, your opinions and ideas are always valued.


What's Going On?

First of all apologies for the gap in newsletters. There has been a number of important projects ongoing over the last few months which are now stable and mature enough to give you an update.

The abrupt end of the season in March meant we didn't really wrap-up in the usual way and contact with everyone has been difficult, but we have some exciting news on a number of fronts which we can now share with you and hopefully get your views on.

The group is going from strength to strength, our reputation as a volunteer woodland management organisation has ensured we have been able to create and grow excellent working relationships with The National Forest Company, The Woodland Trust, NWLDC and lately the Blunt family who own huge swathes of woodland in the Coleorton and Staunton Harold estates.

The production of charcoal has expanded out of all proportion mainly due to the co-operative relationship we have with Darren at "Abell-To". The market for charcoal has been developed and is now providing a strong income stream for the group.

If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of the group please feel free to contact or call me at any time.


I hope this letter finds you and your family keeping safe and well.

Within Heartwood we have been working on a number of very significant developments that affect everyone within the group. All have been discussed at length by the committee, with this email being a resultant action of that discussion. Ordinarily we would have called an extraordinary or special meeting to bring everyone together, but circumstances mean we must communicate with everyone by whatever means we can.

What's going on?

Well this wasn't in the plan! The end of season arrived rather abruptly as you will all be aware, leaving us a little caught out with finishing off what we were doing. The grant work at Woodcote was completed, but we were working on how we could support the final few sessions there and at Donisthorpe. We had a plan, but sadly we had to close down very suddenly. We have left both sites in a safe and tidy state, but with a little timber remaining - we will try to extract that during the down-season if restrictions lift, taking any residual timber up to CEEP for group use, otherwise it will be a good start for next season.

Planning for next season continues on the assumption we will resume as usual, but some of the activities we were hoping to run during the next few months are on hold. I will continue to communicate the situation to you all through this newsletter and the Facebook Group. Do share what you are up to with us all, I'm sure there is lots of firewood to process!


What's going on?

As always just after the New Year the season seems to be running away with us. The good news is we are on target to complete our committed work and even better news we have many new members. Induction of new members has been steady at most sessions this season meaning we continue to grow - just taking a look at the stats this year shows how we have moved on since last year.

Another aspect we also need to focus on at this time of year is next season. The committee have been working hard to agree how we want to use our fantastic resource next season. This means which woodlands we will be working in, how many sessions will there be and how does that fit with our mission and vision. More about that below.

We will also continue to focus on Heartwood HQ where we want too create a relaxed woodland environment for our members and their families to spend time. Again more on that below

Thank you all for your support in everything we do, it's very rewarding to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people.