Jenny T.
2021-12-07, 21:36
I just wanted to say thank-you for the warm welcome today, I loved being in the woodland, you’re a lovely bunch of people. I’m sure my tree chopping will improve in time! I’ve just made a long list of all the kit I now want. See you Saturday (so long as my muscles have recovered!)
Claire C
2019-11-07, 09:14
I had a great day today and learnt so much.. procedures were clearly explained and I felt confident to work with support.

Everyone was very cheery and friendly and we all took some wood home at the end of the session ! A perfect way to keep fit, connect with people and nature and look after the woodlands for future generations!

Ben R.
2017-03-27, 18:45
I Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped towards making the black to green campaign such a massive success. It really is a great privilege to help shape one of the UK's newest woodlands, and I thank you for the opportunity. Look forward to seeing you all later in the year.
Graham B
2017-02-03, 00:15
I joined the group because I just enjoy being in the woods. It was a natural extension of the volunteering I do for the forestry Commission and Leicestershire County Council.
Ted Tw
2017-02-03, 00:14
I went along to the initial meeting (about four years ago), as a way of getting involved in and improving the local environment. Since then, motivation has changed slightly - the fuel has become an important part of our household economy.
Kevin P.
2017-02-03, 00:08
Just wanted to say a big thanks for offering me the sessions. I have had a great time both meeting new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the exercise that the chopping gave me!