What's Going On?

The "closed" season is becoming as busy as the felling season. This year we have ambitions to expand, we are playing a big part in the TIMBER festival, trying our hands at corporate days and the recent highlight of the charcoal retort has created another string to our bow.

Already in mid June with the festival only a couple of weeks away, it already feels like the new felling season is on the horizon. Here are the updates on what the group is doing and where we are heading over the next few months.


Season Summary

As mentioned in last month's newsletter we completed all of the work committed through the grant applications. With this done we were able to claim the final stages of the grants which have now been paid into our bank account. We will give the overall summary of our financial position at the AGM in September, but I'm pleased to confirm we are in good health and just where we wanted to be in preparation for next season.

This leads us into next year's work and grant applications. After discussions earlier in the year with the senior team at the National Forest we are planning to expand "Heartwood" by around 50% during the next year. Again I will give more detail at the AGM, but there are a few important points to note.

We have entered into a formal contract with the Woodland Trust for two seasons work at Woodcote near Smisby - this will provide enough thinning work to supply the group and support growth as it happens. We have been more ambitious with the amount of work and the potential number of sessions we want to achieve next year - this will mean more income, more leaders and more members. Exciting times indeed for Heartwood!


Thank you for the feedback from the initial issue of the newsletter. I have aimed to incorporate your points to make the content more readable and more informative. Please continue to provide feedback on any aspect of this newsletter and feel free to send me any article, links or stories you would like to be included.

Kevin Banton

TIMBER Festival

Curtain comes down on 17/18 Season

With the buds about to burst on the trees and the clocks going forward in a couple of weeks time it marks the end of another felling season. This has been the first full season that has seen Heartwood managed completely from within the membership. The support of B2G has continued to be vital in making this happen and our special thanks have to go to Ben Devine and Bethan Scragg for providing financial as well as moral support.

Our thanks overall must go to everyone within the group for supporting the sessions and other events held during the year. The committee have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we have been able to set and maintain the standard we all now expect - thank you to them all for making the transition to self-supporting happen.


It’s been a while since I provided an update to everyone on what’s going on within the Heartwood Community Woodfuel Group, aside from the woodfuel sessions we have been running this season which you all know about.

A number of important areas are being progressed within the committee which were not clear or confirmed, but now they have progressed further it’s a good time to share these with you and get your views.